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Who is Mr.Frisky?

Mr.Frisky was our first rescue. He was a homeless cat living on the streets. This organization and it's mission are in his honor.

He lived to be almost 20 years old.

Our Mission - Uniting the World to Adopt Love Give

We work every day to connect people to shelters, shelters to each other, rescue groups, and their communities. We educate on responsible pet care including spay neuter. We advocate for adoption/foster, and encourage volunteers that every little bit does make a difference. We encourage anyone who cares about companion animals to visit our site and see how they can help their local shelter or rescue, even if they cannot adopt or foster.

We do NOT - never have, never will - charge a fee to list shelters nor rescues on our website and Twitter lists.

Our 2017 Goals

Mr.Frisky has written his first book about animal shelter and rescue! Please donate to our fundraiser on YouCaring to help us raise funds to publish it through Amazon. NO AMOUNT IS TOO SMALL! If 1900 people give only $1 each, we can publish it - and your name will be in the book in the "Fur Wall of Fame" section!!! Once published, profits from the sale of the book once published will help us help more shelters worldwide and do more hospice and rescue work. 

Of course our 2017 goals include continuing to build the Adopt-Love-Give Worldwide Directory - currently includes 38 countries! Homeless pets don't know or care about borders, politics, or other differences. They need love and compassion from anyone, anywhere who cares about companion animals regardless of whether or not they are a pet owner.

We raise money through fundraisers and in-kind donations, and send shelters needed supplies and funds like food, incubator warmers for neonatal kittens, litter, beds, and more like money to dig a new well when their water runs out. 

AskMrFrisky is completely run by volunteers. There is no paid staff at this time. Our Founder and volunteers all work other full time jobs in addition to building this Organization.

Our Founder

Lauren Greenwood, founder of, has volunteered for and supported animal shelters across the country for over 2 decades. She has cleaned kennels, Vet Tech assistance, taught volunteer orientation and pet education in 

schools and communities, fundraised, and more. Lauren, at any given time, has an assortment of animals, usually most with special needs

or hospice needs. Thankfully she has very 

supportive Veterinarians!